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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where have I been? No, I'm asking you becauseI have no idea...It's all a blur!

Hi there!  Once again, focusing a lot on Facebook.  I'm just so comfortable with it.  I need to pick this blogging thing up and run with it.  Getting a new computer, hopefully next week, and it will be faster and have more bells and whistles...so I'm hoping that will inspire me to play a little more.  I work on a dinosaur PC now.  Oh yeah.... I've also been busy working on some furniture. I also moved into a 6700 sq ft warehouse.  That has been a job.  I have no idea where I put all the furniture around the house (oh yeah, around the house is where I put it...literally).  It has taken me a month and a half to move it all because I also had to continue to work.  I finally hired some moving help and that was one of the smarter decisions I made.  He moved all the big stuff or things that would not fit in the back of my SUV.  Thankfully the shop is only 8 minutes from my house so there was not a lot of time on the road.  Business is good..hills and valleys like any other business I guess.  I moved to the warehouse because my homeowners insurance company said..."Uh, no!'  So, now I pay rent.  Ugh!  But it's a great rental rate for the amount of space I have.  I rent a little spot of it to a girl I buy furniture from sometimes and I hope to start classes soon to help pay the rent.  Little nervous about that...well, a lot nervous about that but that's how most things start out!  I'm posting a picture of my latest project.  It is for sale.  Not a special order.  Hope you like it and I'll try to get back on the blog a lot more often!